Office Carpet Cleaning

Specialist office carpet cleaning services deliver fresh, clean carpets in your office with no disruption to your business. We work out of hours or at the weekend and guarantee your carpet will be dry for opening hours.Office Carpet Cleaning

Our professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians can offer a full deep clean of your office carpet or low moisture maintenance cleaning. Depending on the levels of soiling, we can tailor our office carpet cleaning to meet the needs of your business.

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We use advanced, environmentally friendly cleaning products that leave no residue on your carpet fibres. This helps extend the life of your office carpet making the soil easier to remove in future. Your office will feel healthier because cleaner carpets give you improved indoor air quality and therefore reducing the risk of asthma and other allergy related ailments. Your carpets will be beautifully clean and give your office a fresh feeling.

We can also deal with all the other floor types found in your office. We offer hard floor sealing and polishing services in your kitchen and washroom areas, giving your office a complete floor care package.