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Code Product Size
Paper Products    
003827 Standard 320 Sheet Toilet Roll 2ply Pack of 36
003886 Bulk Toilet Tissue 2ply, 250 sheets Box 36
950109 C Fold Towel Green 1ply Box
950109 C Fold Towel Green 1ply, 100% recycled Box
400511 C Fold Towel Blue 2ply Box
400582 C Fold Towel White 2ply Box
008414 Z Fold Towel White 2ply Box
003851 Centre feed White Box 6
400512 Mini Jumbo 2ply White Pack 12
998007 Hygiene/Couch Rolls Box 9 Box 9
General Products    
008461 Bin liners Box 1000
008997 Black refuse sacks Box 200
998011 James Vacuum Cleaner Each
109901 White Glasgow council refuse sacks Roll 25
400691 Yellow urinal cubes 3KG tub
Cleaning Products    
997100 Bactericidal Soap 5L Each
997103 Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 5L Each
997101 Deodoriser Concentrate 5L
A Disinfectant that kills odour producing bacteria
997102 Ultra Fresh 5L
Kills 99.9% bacteria. Effective against MRSA and C. Difficle
009220 Washing up liquid 5 Litre
003116 Luxury liquid soap 5Ltr Each

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