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Planned Supervision and on-site monitoring
DOCS provides cleaning and support services to offices and commercial properties. Our services are tailored according to each client's requirement and cleaners chosen and placed on site according to the site specification. We offer expert cleaning solution for businesses of all sizes. Our service includes:

  • Professionally trained, uniformed, permanently employed staff
  • Fully supervised work and regular customer feedback 
  • Monthly quality audit with monthly or quarterly meetings with clients
  • All equipment & cleaning supplies provided
  • Close teamwork between operatives, supervisors and management

Your health is important to us
Washroom hygiene is one of our biggest strengths. You are guaranteed a fresh and clean look at all times. We take a scientific approach in analysing the chemicals that we use in your washroom without any negative effects on the health of your staff and the colour and materials of the surfaces.

We ensure regular telephone sanitising because we realise that telephones are a major breeding ground for many types of micro-organisms. We promise you a germ free telephone to work with thereby reducing your chances of infection and contamination.

DID YOU KNOW?germs are a hazard

  • Germs can be spread by the telephone
  • 36% of people do not wash their hands after using the lavatory
  • Key boards collect nasal droppings, food, skin cells and hair
  • E-coli lives in your intestines but can also be found on your phones
  • Bio-film is a scientifically recognised hazard
  • Sanitising your phones at least once a week is a must in DOCS service level agreement

Our main objective is to develop a lasting relationship with our customers based on joint commitment to continuously improve all aspects of services.

You are guaranteed regular, trained, vetted, experienced, professional cleaners on your site

Call us now on 0845 2 602090

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