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Graffiti - a modern day disease
Graffiti can make your environment look unkempt and cheap.  It can devalue your property and attract crime into your area. It needs to be treated in its early stages!!

Many people try to scrub at graffiti with a detergent. Whilst this may save money initially, it very seldom works properly and there is a much larger chance that a shadow of the grafitti will be left. This method often smudges the stain or can even seal in the graffiti making it difficult to remove professionally.

We are able to remove graffiti and paint from most surfaces without damage to the object or the environment. We specialise in cleaning all types of graffiti surfaces, e.g. paving, building facades, paintwork, plastics, glass and concrete. Our cleaning operatives are fully trained in both the uses of the equipment and customer care.

Chewing gum is everywhere!
High pressure hoses are commonly used in attempting to remove gum. However, traditional methods are simply not effective.
Why do so many businesses call DOCS? The bottom line is that our chewing gum removal service out-performs the traditional methods of scraping or, harsh chemicals . We use power wash system to remove chewing gum, and we do this without disrupting your day-to-day business operations.Call us now on 0845 2 602090.