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D(octor's) O(nline) C(onsumables) S(ervices)

DOCs can provide Doctor's Surgeries with all of the consumables required for a clean, safe and hygienic working environment.

We have a number of anti-bacterial cleaning products at very competitive prices. (See product table below).

We understand the importance of hygiene which is imperative within a GP's surgery. A clean and sanitised environment will also be of paramount importance to your patients. We have products that kill 99.9% bacteria and are effective against MRSA and C. Difficle (See product table below).

DOCs can provide you with just the materials, or we can also deliver an entire service by providing cleaners to ensure that the highest levels of standards are continually met.
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DID YOU KNOW?Clean doctor's surgeries

  • Germs can be spread by the telephone
  • 36% of people do not wash their hands after using the lavatory
  • Key boards collect nasal droppings, food, skin cells and hair
  • E-coli lives in your intestines but can also be found on your phones
  • Bio-film is a scientifically recognised hazard
  • Sanitising your phones at least once a week is a must in DOCS service level agreement

Your health is important to us
Washroom hygiene is one of our biggest strengths. We take a scientific approach in analysing the chemicals that we use in your washroom without any negative effects on the health of your staff / patients and the colour and materials of the surfaces.

We ensure regular telephone sanitising because we realise that telephones are a major breeding ground for many types of micro-organisms. We promise you a germ free telephone to work with thereby reducing your chances of infection and contamination.

We have a number of products available at very competitive prices, including the following (Free dispensers are available on loan for all paper products - fitted free!) :

Code Product Size Price
Cleaning Products      
997100 Bactericidal Soap 5L Each £5.99
997103 Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 5L Each £12.99
997101 Deodoriser Concentrate 5L
A Disinfectant that kills odour producing bacteria
Each £4.99
997102 Ultra Fresh 5L
Kills 99.9% bacteria. Effective against MRSA and C. Difficle
Each £5.99
Paper Products      
998007 Hygiene/Couch Rolls Box 9 (50m x 500ml)* Box 9 £18.49
003827 Standard 320 Sheet Toilet Roll 2ply Pack of 36 £9.59
003886 Bulk Toilet Tissue 2ply, 250 sheets Box 36 £12.99
950109 C Fold Towel Green 1ply Box £12.99
400582 C Fold Towel White 2ply Box £15.99
400512 Mini Jumbo 2ply White Pack of 12 £15.99
General Products      
008997 Black refuse sacks Box 200 £9.99
008461 Bin Liners Box 1000 £9.99

* We have a large selection of hygiene rolls available in a variety of colours and sizes - details on request

Why go to the Cash & Carry when we can deliver to your door and invoice monthly.

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Call us now on 0845 2 602090 for further information.