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Tel: 0845 2 602090


Total floor cleaning and restoration

  • Be it granite, marble, terrazzo, mosaic, tile, quarry, vinyl, linoleum, thermo-plastic, parquet or polished hard-wood floor, DOCS have the knowledge and experience to make worn-out floors look like new.
  • DOCS floor preparation equipments and methods are second to none.
  • DOCS have invested in the technology and science of floors.
Bring your carpets back to life
  • Whether it's dry shampooing or wet, DOCS are well equipped to exceed your expectations. We take pride in what we do and leave a fresh feel behind.
  • DOCS use a full range of cleaning methods and machinery, using our extensive knowledge and experience to tackle the toughest marks or stains on commercial carpets and upholstery.
  • Commercial carpets receive a lot of wear, making some premises look dirty or unpleasant. DOCS cleaning methods will restore the colour, remove unpleasant marks and stains, kill any bacteria or odours in the carpets, leaving a pleasant odour.
  • DOCS can remove coffee, tea, beer, traffic lane dirt, ink, photocopier oil, wine and many more. We're happy to work out of office hours so the carpets will be clean and fresh for members of staff or clients the next morning.
    Call us now on 0845 2 602090